Service & Operation Requirements of pellet boilers

Uniform-sized and equiform, pellets have the same energy and moisture content that is why wood pellet boilers are considered to be so manageable. However, all heating systems require some maintenance and operation and biomass boilers constitute no exception to the rule.

Pellet boiler service Pellet boiler maintenance

Operation and maintenance of wood pellet boilers used for residential heating may take little more time than they do at commercial and institutional level, where these works are usually automatized so, further service expenses are avoided and installation expenditures on ash blowing and handling are repaid.

General maintenance activities for wood pellet boilers are:
  • Adjusting and checking fuel input, burnout and exhaust stack temperatures, and boiler functioning
  • Emptying ash collectors
  • Checking boiler alarm system, especially alerts indicating the building-up of soot
  • Examining for wear such details as augers, engines, gear boxes and conveyors
  • Greasing such rotating parts as gear boxes and augers
  • During the whole heating season half an hour a day is enough to operate and maintain your wood pellet boiler.

Pellet heating Pellet boiler

Maximum heating load differs according to the building’s size and climate zone. Equipment characteristic must correspond with the heating load of the entire building during winter time. A system supplier or any other expert in this field can advise you a boiler, whose capacity is sufficient for your heating demand. Here is a list of important data that will help making calculations exact:
  • The building’s energy loss and its retaining ability in order to measure the building’s maximum heating needs
  • Your bills for several heating seasons to determine total and monthly consumption of fuel in a typical year, particularly during the coldest winter months
  • Detailed information on weather conditions in your area, those include the data on heating degree days
Boiler suppliers, designers and engineers working with such type of heating systems may assist you with gathering and analyzing the data. They will advise you a boiler of the appropriate capacity. These experts will ensure for it to correspond with your building’s peak heating demand. Usually, experts in this area charge ten or fifteen percent of the total project price for their recommendations. Never the less, such costs may be indirect and depend on the system vendors.