A Briefing of Thailand Biomass for Power Generation

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) of Thailand announced late July that 1,000MW renewable power plant bids will be open by the year-end. 2 Bids for biomass and biogas power plant is due be open gradually from second half of this year with a combined capacity of 36MW and 400MW.

Prioritized in the Thai Alternative Energy Development Plan 2015, biomass power will take up 28% (5,570 MW) of the total renewable energy production, only second to solar energy(6,000MW). The AEDP2015 plan targets 20% (19,684 MW) of electricity demand from renewables by 2036.

Biomass power plays a significant role in renewable energy development. The tropical land is gifted with abundant agricultural resource. Even though, the business still shows slow progress. To get a better understanding of Thai biomass for power, we summarize the basics in the report covering below contents:

  • Why Thailand has the great potential of biomass energy?
  • The status of Thai biomass for power generation
  • Plan, policy and regulation
  • Challenges facing the Thai biomass power plant


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