How to dispose scrap metal

How to dispose scrap metal

Dispose scrap metal – save the environment and earn money

What do we know about scrap metal, for a start? Its growing popularity is primarily determined by environmental issues, forcing companies to produce within their waste policies. Being widely spread in the UK and a number of European countries, disposing scrap metal represents a vital part of the ecological campaign. Metal reuse is by far the most reliable way of dealing with this type of waste, its undeniable advantage found in the safety of physical properties.

What we now call cars may as well appear to be a bicycle in the nearest future. However, one should be careful about disposing in landfills as it may cause contamination and slow decay, under the scorching sun. This anti-utopian image may long haunt environmental militants, claiming one can give the washing machine a second life instead of discarding it into the bin as usesless. This could be a gold mine of the new generation, a direct cash flow. With the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA) as the chief business on metal and scrap material, you can be sure of the trustworthy supply.

An innovative method, allowing to dispose scrap metal, could be an idea for the 21st century bombshell start up as companies and individual dealers line their pockets with cash, coming right from garbage collection and waste reuse. For some, it is already a way of life. What we should know about the whole procedure, though, is the distribution criteria, dividing materials into ferrous and non-ferrous. Metals, falling under the first category, are predominantly steel and iron, while the second party boasts copper, lead and aluminum as members. If you are planning to dispose, bear in mind ferrous metals are the magnet attractors and the non-ferrous ones are in high demand.

Want to dispose scrap metal? Follow the scheme:

  • Collect material. To run a scrap metal yard, you have to stock up on raw supplies. You can estimate the rough value of the metal judging by its type and category.
  • Create a honey trap. A premise that is good-looking and easily accessible will immediately attract a lot of customers. To make the holding area even more inviting and dispose scrap metal effectively, separate the high-quality material.
  • Smelt. For an additional profit, some businesses sell scrap metal to clients first, and then turn to smelting companies for the material increase.
  • Provide safety. Safety policy is not something that can be neglected. Make sure your security lightning is working and the perimeter is locked when the sun goes down.
  • Buy an insurance. Purchasing public liability insurance is number one priority for a scrap metal business owner. Professional indemnity is a must.
  • Work the budget. Knowing what you can afford is essential when it comes to running a business. Remember, however, that the biggest cost in scrap metal recycling will be renting land and buying vehicles.
  • Practice. Attend a course on a scrap metal disposal, run by the British Metals Recycling Association (BMRA), to detect radioactive materials and elements.

What you need to do to dispose scrap metal as a dealer (England and Wales)

Iron Scrap Market


Iron Scrap Market

To dispose scrap metal as a business owner, you should hold the council-issued license and be able to provide it on demand. Owning the license comes with a number of restrictions:

  • Do not act as a receiving party in a scrap metal transaction unless you verified the client’s personal details.
  • Do not exchange scrap metal for cash.
  • The license should be available to the public, that is displayed in a discernible and clear manner, so that the customers can be granted access upon request.
  • A mobile license should be displayed on a vehicle, directly engaged in the course of transportation, and should be provided to an interested party.
  • A record is kept on every type of metal that you receive, including its technical characteristics and the previous owner’s name and address to avoid potential contradictions. The registration mark should also be present for the dealer.
  • A record is kept for 3 years. The term is determined by the council eligible to make an inspection of your premises.

Finding ways to dispose scrap metal. The iScrap revolution

The iScrap App is turning the scrap metal concept upside down with its revolutionbary application, allowing to track current prices, directions, client information and deals on your phone. Designed to exceed expectations, the iScrap App starts a new chapter in the life of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Hoping to come to the UK soon, this cutting edge technology is aimed to provide the owners and the peddlers with all the data they need to function as successful scrap metal entrepreneurs. Apart from being a free app, the iScrap App will immediately spot locations for users to bring their metals to the yard and offer the best pick up service in the area.

The iScrap App will be a life-saver with the pricing list and the daily predictions on the scrap market enterprises. In case the customers are willing to dispose scrap metal and the allocated company is nowhere to be found, they can easily locate the closest yard to reuse the garbage or call the shipping service, ensuring assistance. Once the user tracks the auto wrecker, they are redirected to the company’s official site where more information is available. The prices are set according to the national marketing trends and are updated constantly for the better stationing and improved services. As soon as the desired location appears on the map, scrap metal owners can take further steps in the recycling direction.

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