Tips to make your event featured

These are little recommendations for event organizers to promote their events successfully with us.

There is the situation that the majority of event organizers face. This is media partnership benefits that comprise a great deal to the event success. The experts say: "Promotion is the key to any successful gathering. Without it, you will not attract the interesting people that you’re looking to bring in. "

So, lets look into a typical situation with submitting your event profile. You fill in the submission form and post your event at the same time you have two options: simple event submitting and featured event. Simple event means having your event information posted, including your contact information, but your is still in the bundle with many others and your target visitor knows you a bit later after reviewing many other events or his/her attention is distracted.

Featuring your event helps to cope with it giving you many advantages:
  • Featuring;
  • Visitability;
  • Wide relevant audience coverage;
  • Priority among the other events.

  • Featuring your event is not chargeable if your treat Biomass Events Promotion as your mediapartner and providing its hyperlink on your event website!