6th European Conference Future of Biofuels 2024

Event Date: 23.10.2024
6th European Conference Future of Biofuels 2024
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Address: Trampczynskiego 14
Contact person: Margaret Filipiak
Email: operations@fortesmedia.com

After last 2023 successful edition, we have great pleasure to invite you to 6th European Conference Future of Biofuels taking place on 23-24 October 2024 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

In early 2024, the European Commission released the Union Database for Biofuels (UDB) Alignment and updated the Revised Renewable Energy Directive, aiming to streamline and enhance the biofuels sector in line with the latest regulations and sustainability goals. Complementing these efforts, the REPowerEU plan, initiated in response to energy market disruptions from Russia's invasion of Ukraine, reinforces the EU's commitment to swiftly reduce dependence on Russian fossil fuels by 2027. The EU also takes decisive steps with maritime fuel laws and aviation regulations, setting and progressively reducing acceptable emissions levels, thereby serving as influential catalysts for biofuel market development.

This year we are focusing on production and implementation of biofuels and future fuels in maritime and aviation sectors to speed up their decarbonization. Other points of focus are: development of new supply chains, latest trends and perspectives for low carbon fuels in fuels mix but also new production technologies, refineries case studies and more. The event is set to bring industry stakeholders, unique content, workshop style discussions and networking. Gives an opportunity to showcase your products and services in the networking area and hold meetings with leaders from the industry.


  • European and world markets outlook
  • The role of biofuels in achieving climate protection targets
  • Development of new supply chains for bio & alternative fuels
  • Overview of European and national policies – FuelEU, Fit for 55, REPowerEU and Revised Renewable Energy Directive
  • Fuel Traceability: UDB’s (Union Database for Biofuels) Alignment with RED II
  • Best practice examples of meeting emission neutrality goals
  • Financial impacts of decarbonisation process in shipping and aviation sector
  • Implementation of EU legislation in transport - challenges and opportunities
  • Global acceleration of biofuels production – new wave
  • Biobased SAF – the future of aviation?
  • Bunkering, storage & handling technologies news
  • Overview of production technologies of cellulosic ethanol, ammonia and hydrogen
  • Biofuels market development – perspective for next 10 years

Who & why should join the 6th Future of Biofuels 2024?

6th European Future of Biofuels 2024 Conference will bring together top-level experts from biofuels suppliers, end-users from entire value chain (trading & distribution companies, producers of feedstock, energy suppliers, financial institutions, shipping companies, shipowners, EPC contractors and OEM’S), technology providers, equipment manufacturers, projects representatives, market analytics, consultancies, research experts, government representatives, business analytics and others.

During this 2-day event rich in presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies you will gain a comprehensive overview of the biofuels sector. You can hear experts focusing on new regulations, changing market situation and more. Get an opportunity to network and exchange views with industry leaders.