6th European Conference Biomass PowerON 2024

Event Date: 09.10.2024
6th European Conference Biomass PowerON 2024
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Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Address: Trampczynskiego 14
Contact person: Margaret Filipiak
Email: operations@fortesmedia.com

After last year successful edition in Stockholm, with over 110 biomass specialists and nearly 30 excellent speakers, we have pleasure to invite you to the 6th European Conference Biomass PowerON taking place on 9-10 October 2024. This year we are moving to Copenhagen, Denmark.

In the face of an energy crisis and rising interest in cleaner energy sources Europe is turning to possibilities that biomass and pellets offer. Change of the heat and power feedstock is crucial from the point view of European energy security, as well as climate change mitigation. This year, among other topics, we are focusing on usage of biomass and pellets for heat and power generation, role of bioenergy in decarbonisation as well as on perspective of forest industry on the higher demand for wood biomass and pellets. Also, as many discussions are on within EU in terms of policies and regulations for green solutions and biomass’ place among them, we will be discussing the influence of legislation on the bioenergy sector.

The event is set to bring industry stakeholders, unique content, workshop style discussions and networking. Gives an opportunity to showcase your products and services in the networking area and hold meetings with leaders from the industry. Take an in-depth look into biomass to power supply, production and applications on this 2 day event filled with presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies. Hear experts focus on new regulatory framework, changing market situation and more. Network and exchange ideas with colleagues from the energy industry.


  • Overview of European an national policies and regulations
  • Opportunities and challenges in the biomass market
  • REPowerEU plan and place of biomass among renewables
  • Carbon accounting connected to forestry and biomass use – threat or opportunity?
  • Financing bioenergy projects – opportunities and challenges
  • Is there a future for the industry without subsidy?
  • Transportation, storage, and supply chain management
  • Reducing trade risk and increasing efficiency – what needs to be done?
  • Strategies for optimizing biomass power plant operations
  • The latest technologies enhancing operational efficiency
  • Sourcing wood biomass and the risk of deforestation
  • Biomass gasification - scaling up and increasing its potential
  • Role of biomass plants in circular economy
  • BECCS role in climate change mitigation
  • Will pellet replace natural gas in different industries?
  • Progress in CHP technology

Who & why should join the 6th Biomass PowerON 2024?

6th European Biomass PowerON 2024 Conference will bring together top-level experts from biomass suppliers, end-users from entire value chain (trading & distribution companies, producers of feedstock, heat & power companies, EPC contractors and OEM’S), technology providers, equipment manufacturers, projects representatives, market analytics, consultancies, research experts, government representatives, business analytics and others.

During this 2-day event rich in presentations from industry end-users and running projects case studies you will gain a comprehensive overview of the biomass sector. You can hear experts focusing on new regulations, changing market situation and more. Get an opportunity to network and exchange views with industry leaders.